Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Introducing Matthew Fox

I've been reading Matthew Fox's Wrestling with the Prophets. All I can say is "oh, my gosh". His big, big category is what he labels Creation Spirituality. It resonates deeply with what I've been reflecting on these past three or four years. I rushed out and bought five more of his books just to have them stock piled for the winter.

Here's a paragraph about work and creativity that stood out to me: "There is no question that when the human species does not have work, it begins to hate itself. Work is the way in which we give our blessing back to the community, the way in which we express our creativity.

The fact is that there are over 850 million unemployed adults in the world today. The young all over the world are being raised without the promise of work, and this is a primary reason why the young are in such deep despair.

Look around the universe: every other creature has work, every action interlinking with the next. It is only we humans who are out of work. We have invented unemployment, especially in the last few hundred years.

We are still defining work in the narrow sense of "industry". The fact is that the world needs a very finite number of factories and military bases, but there is infinite work to be done on the inner house of the human being. That is the basic source of employment and good work for our species."

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