Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Efficiency 2

The efficient cause makes things happen. When it is singled out as the only cause, then it does not matter what happens, to what or whom it happens or for what purpose.

In psychological language, efficiency is a primary mode of denial.

Single-minded devotion to one's job blinds to what the job is actually doing. Efficiency defends against sensitivity.

Two insanely dangerous consequences result from raising efficiency to the level of an independent principle.
First, it favors short-term thinking - no looking ahead or down the line. It produces insensitive feeling - no looking around at the life values being lived so efficiently.

Second, means become ends. Doing becomes the full justification of doing regardless of what you do.

Operational phrases such as "just do it," get it done," "don't ask questions," "no excuses, just results" are telltale signs of the efficiency principle beginning to separate and set off on its own.

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