Thursday, May 24, 2007

Growth 1

If efficiency seems the road to power and the method of maintaining its hold, so growth seems the proof of power. The idea of growth glows with the hope of betterment, although we all know that getting bigger is not always getting better, that maturation also means withering and dying and that independence also brings solitude.

Nevertheless, growth remains freighted with positive implications like fertility, hope, good health, progress, optimism, strength, invulnerability and conquest. These positive implications persist, despite the fact that a counter current has been discrediting the idea of growth in recent years.

Growth is becoming a more subtle idea than the naive version suited to a child. Nowadays "more" can no longer equate with growth because "more" actually can restrict the possibilities inherent in growth.

Wherever we see increase we feel its weight. Growth has taken on a cancerous tinge. Going up now means decline. What before was the measure of progress has become a sign of problems.

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