Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kinds of Power 8

Since ideas are already operating in our perspectives, turning ideas over and looking at them carefully becomes paramount for every endeavor of any kind. Because we take our usual ideas for granted, ideas have us in their grip without our realizing it.

That's why the investigation of them is freeing and the encouraging of ideas is enriching.Ideas need liberation; they need to be born again else they become not merely defunct but delusional.

For ideas to be born and stay alive through their precarious infancy they must be welcomed warmly so that their native power can come fully to mind.

Skepticism and irony don't belong at the start. At first, better the wacky and the weird than ideas whittled down to fit preconceived slots. Here we need courage to face their destructive force, for ideas also can lay waste cherished habits of mind.

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