Monday, May 14, 2007

Kinds of Power 7

The soul is desperately seeking the power of mind to be applied to the powerlessness it experiences. Though we want ideas, we haven't learned how to handle them. We use them up too quickly. We get rid of them by immediately putting them into practice. We seem to know only one thing to do with an idea; apply it convert it into something usable.

Fixed upon the "how" and the "who", we avoid playing with the "what", turning it over in our mind, an idea as an entertainment, ideation as a sport that gives as much fun and mental exercise as do many other kinds of play.

I worry lest the birds be caged too soon.

My idea about ideas is that they first need to be entertained. Then they may spark better ones in your mind and can lead to unforeseeable implementation in your life.

Let's talk ideas.

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Seth said...

good stuff. this "kinds of Power" series has been good. Now how do I apply it...just kidding. Glad to see you in the world of blogs!
peace and late,