Friday, August 24, 2007

Quotes Today

I've decided to include a couple quotes today. One from me and one from someone else.

I'm moving my daughter down to IU today for her sophomore year. My son moved back on Monday. I just sent an email to a friend and this came out.

Life is all about change or participating in the changes of those we love it seems.

We are really experiencing the reality of how the transitions of those around us brings on changes for us too.

The second quote is from a little book I've been reading by Paul Ferrini called "Love Without Conditions". I read the chapter on Gratitude earlier this week and the statement below really stood out to me. I've entered into some unusual circumstances recently that have turned my world inside out, and for some reason this phrase keeps drawing me back to consider it. The circumstances I'm experiencing are VERY challenging and so this statement seems a little counter-intuitive to them. But it has helped me over and over to reframe what's going on. And here's the quote.

Gratitude is the choice to see the love of God in all things.

Have a great weekend and live in peace.

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