Sunday, August 26, 2007

Re-Graced and Re-Privileged

This morning I was at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fishers, Indiana. CTS is one of the churches I frequent these days and one of the main reasons is Pastor Joe Freeman. Joe describes himself as the world's tallest leprechaun. He graduated from Yale Divinity School and knew Henri Nouwen personally. Joe is one of my favorite people and has helped to restore my trust in Christian leadership.

Today I was privileged to hear Joe share about marriage. That doesn't sound like any big deal. The reason this was so unusual is that Joe and his wife were divorced 7 years ago. He was serving at CTS at the time and amazingly the church decided among much pain and confusion that they wanted Joe to continue as their pastor. Today was the first time after the divorce 7 years ago that he felt ready to speak on the subject of marriage.

I'm proud to be associated with Joe and the gracious people at CTS who, in Joe's words, re-graced and re-privileged him to serve as their pastor. Click hear to listen to Joe's message.

Maybe someone you know would be encouraged by Joe's words and stories. If so, pass it on.

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